Sunday, October 11, 2009

Off and Running

Hello! My name is Jolynne Holloman and I am writing to let you know about an upcoming screening of the award winning documentary film Off and Running, directed by Nicole Opper.

The film will be shown at the San Francisco Doc Fest Film Festival on Sunday, October 18th at 7pm and we would love to invite you and members of your organization to join us at our screening!

Off and Running tells the coming of age story of Avery, the adopted daughter of two Jewish lesbians struggling to connect with her African-American roots. The film follows Avery as she attempts to contact her birth mother, a choice which propels Avery into her own complicated exploration of race, identity, and family.

On a national level we have been working with Family Equality Council but we've also organized great local benefits with groups like Our Family Coalition and COLAGE. Our Family Coalition will be an official co-sponsor of the DocFest screening. Off and Running is already raising awareness about LGBT family issues on the festival circuit, and we will eventually reach an even larger audience through our national broadcast on the award-winning PBS series P.O.V. in Fall 2010.

Doc Fest is San Francisco’s premier documentary only film festival and the theatrical release of Off and Running in San Francisco in spring 2010 is contingent on the performance of the film at Doc Fest. If we do have a theatrical release in the spring it will be held in conjunction with a full week of panel discussions, workshops, and various community engagement activities that we would love for you to be a part of! Thank you for your support and we hope to hear from you soon.

Jolynne Holloman

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