Tuesday, October 16, 2007

About our blog

This Mamas & Papas blog is meant to encourage discussion and resource sharing outside of the in-person meetings. We want the blog to be an opportunity for us to get to know one another and also to get the word out about the great conversation to be had at our meetings.

Please feel free to submit your posts of most any length (minimum: 1 paragraph) to us for consideration. Send all posts to mamaspapasblog@gmail.com .

Your blog posts do not have to be perfectly written or worthy of publication in a magazine. They do need to be on-topic. What is considered on-topic? Pretty much anything having to do with being an LGBTQQI parent. Here are some suggested topics in no particular order:

The joys of being a gay dad/lesbian mom/bi parent/trans parent etc
Coming out to children - yours and your kids' friends
Helping your child cope with homo/trans/bi phobia
Birth announcements/birth stories
Single LGBTQ parents
Same sex parents and adoption
The challenges of being a Queer working parent
Finding time for ourselves as parents
Announcements or stories of family friendly events or outings
Getting "looks" at restaurants
Explaining their unique conception to your child
Discipline concerns
Child custody arrangements
How does your extended family treat your family?

Pretty much the same guidelines go for our posts as for our comments: we maintain the anonymity of others (and their children) who attend our meetings, we refrain from vulgar language, and we most certainly refrain from using any type of violent or hate speech. All submissions are the property of the authors and may not be used, distributed, disseminated, or otherwise copied for any reason without the express consent of the author. Mamas and Papas retains the right to post, edit, delete, or modify in any way all of its blog's content with or without the consent of the author. If any changes to the original submission are to be made, the original author will be notified and given the option of retracting her or his submission. Mamas & Papas may from time to time request from the authors the right to use quotes from the blog in promotional materials. No quotes will be used without permission of the author. All posts, with the exception of Mamas & Papas official notices such as this one, are the viewpoints of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of Mamas & Papas.

You may credit yourself as you wish - full name (not recommended), first name, initials, pseudonym.

What are you waiting for? Get writing!

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